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Golden Creeper Pictures is proud to announce a new talent management vertical -              - catering to the technical crew involved on a film.


Over the years, we have come to realise that there is an urgent need for representation of creative talent behind the screen.


At our new vertical, we manage finances, contracts, schedules, team coordination, new entrants for the team, invoicing and all other logistics involved. We believe that a professional agency to represent the creative crew will help not just the artists but also the producers.

If you are creating magic behind the screen and are looking to ease out your life, connect with us:

Natasha Singh: +91 90043 98432

Gayatri Purohit: +91 99201 78912

Sound Designers
Contact: +91 9004398432

Gábor ifj. Erdélyi

Gábor ifj. Erdélyi

  • Gábor ifj. Erdélyi (IMDb)
  • Gábor ifj. Erdélyi (Soundcloud)

Sound Designer

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